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Confirm Rachel Bloomekatz to the Sixth


Now that the United States Senate is convening after the July Fourth holiday, the upper chamber must promptly appoint Rachel Bloomekatz to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The nominee, whom President Joe Biden selected in May 2022, provides remarkable experiential, gender, and ideological expertise that she deftly realized in litigating high-profile gun control, environmental, and other significant cases in federal appellate courts and district courts. Over fifteen years, the nominee has reached law’s pantheon across a broad spectrum from extremely prestigious clerkships with Justice Stephen Breyer and particularly distinguished federal court and state court jurists to robustly participating in many suits for the powerful global law firm Jones Day. The opening that the nominee would fill has been vacant for months. Thus, the Senate needs to rapidly approve the exceptionally competent, mainstream nominee.

Carl Tobias *

* Williams Chair in Law, University of Richmond School of Law