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The University of Richmond Law Review proudly presents the thirty-seventh issue of the Annual Survey of Virginia Law. Since 1985, the Annual Survey has served as a guiding tool for practitioners and students to stay abreast of recent legislative, judicial, and administrative developments in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today, the Annual Survey is the most widely read publication of the Law Review, reaching lawyers, judges, legislators, and students in every corner of the Commonwealth.

The Law Review is honored to dedicate this issue to the memory of Chief Judge Walter S. Felton, Jr., an Associate Editor for Law Review Volume 3—the first student-run issue. Judge Felton’s ambition is further demonstrated by his distinguished legal career. As a pillar of his community, Judge Felton’s loss is felt by many. We remain extremely thankful for his service and dedication to this Law Review, the legal profession, and the country.

Kelly S. O’Brien *

* Annual Survey Editor