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Concerns about drones and their impact on privacy are misplaced. Most of the scenarios discussed in the academic literature and policy commentary simply assume that drones operate in a unique way. These discussions of drones and privacy have left the antecedent question unexamined—precisely how do drones impact privacy? This Article is the first to clearly define the operational parameters of drones that impact privacy in a unique way. From this precise definition, we learn that drones operate in very few spaces that allow them to capture data inaccessible to other technologies. In short, how drones operate has a limited impact on privacy.

*David Sella-Villa

 *Interim Chief Privacy Officer, South Carolina Department of Administration, focusing on technology, privacy, and security issues; CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, and GLEG certifications; Adjunct Professor, William & Mary Law School, aviation law class. J.D., William & Mary Law School; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Law and Policy Review; M.S., London School of Economics; B.S. & B.A., West Virginia University.