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The University of Richmond Law Review proudly presents the thirty-fifth issue of the Annual Survey of Virginia Law. Since 1985, we have provided this comprehensive resource detailing recent legislative, judicial, and administrative changes in Virginia—and not even a pandemic will stop us!

This issue begins with a tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a true icon and champion of equal rights for all. We memorialize the Justice’s profound impact on our state as the author of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in United States v. Virginia, which led the Virginia Military Institute to open its doors to women for the first time.

The Annual Survey of Virginia Law features five articles, each providing summaries of changes in the last year to substantive areas of the law. The topics of these updates include Civil Practice and Procedure; Criminal Law and Procedure; Employment Law; Taxation; and Wills, Trusts, and Estates. Additionally, this issue contains two essays focused on narrower topics in the law, including an analysis of the changes in redistricting law and the impact of these changes on Virginia’s redistricting in 2021, and an argument in favor of centralized funding for state trial court law clerks. Finally, we are also proud to include a student comment written by a University of Richmond Law Review staff member, which analyzes judicial treatment of the physician-only law for first trimester abortions and the recent amendment expanding the field of abortion providers.

The Annual Survey would not be possible without these authors, many of whom contribute to the Annual Survey each year, devoting their time and expertise. I am personally grateful for their patience, kindness, and dedication throughout a challenging and un- conventional year.

Many people have worked behind the scenes to make this issue possible. First, the University of Richmond Law Review has an ab- solute treasure in Glenice Coombs. Glenice, thank you for sharing your expertise and perspective with a new group of students each year. Your commitment, guidance, and hard work have been even more essential during this particularly hectic year.

To my fellow executive board members, thank you for your dili- gent and careful work in helping this book come together. In particular to our Editor-in-Chief, Lincoln Wolfe, thank you for figuring out how to keep this ship sailing when the world locked down. And to our Executive Editor, and my very good friend Michelle Hoffer, thank you for your tireless work and for always helping me stay in good spirits no matter what issues pop up.

Finally, I am immensely grateful to Alex Wood for his love and support throughout law school. Thank you for providing a break from my school life and the much-needed perspective that only a non-law student can supply.

We hope the 2020 Annual Survey of Virginia Law serves as a valuable and thought-provoking resource in your legal practice. It has been my pleasure to serve as the Editor of the 2020 Annual Survey of Virginia Law, and I thank you for your continued readership and patronage.

Jamie H. Wood
Annual Survey Editor, Vol. 55

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