Laurence V. Parker Jr.*, Annual Survey of Virginia Law Corporate and Business Law, 54 U. Rich. L. Rev. 73 (2019).

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This year there were a number of significant legislative changes to the Virginia Stock Corporation Act (“VSCA”) and the Virginia Limited Liability Company Act. Part I discusses certain statutory changes related to Virginia Corporations. Part II summarizes the changes to VSCA, including changes related to ratification of defective corporate acts, appraisal rights in asset sale transactions, multiple changes related to interspecies transactions, improving and making the effect of merger, domestication, and conversion language more uniform, refining the process for abandoning fundamental transactions, regulating the second step merger following a tender offer, modifying the corporate opportunity doctrine, allowing for a court to remove directors, permitting officer reliance, revising provisions related to officer and director indemnification, simplifying the voting information required in documents filed with the State Corporation Commission (“SCC”), regulating the use of forum selection clauses in governance documents, modifying cumulative voting, and modifying shareholder information rights. Part III describes the Uniform Protected Series Act, which Virginia adopted this year as an amendment to its Limited Liability Company Act. Part IV reviews a Supreme Court of Virginia case addressing the statutory safe harbor permitting an asset sale without shareholder approval and the ability to amend that safe harbor.


* Shareholder, Williams Mullen, Richmond, Virginia. J.D., 2003, University of Richmond School of Law; M.B.A., 2003, The Robins School of Business, University of Richmond; B.A., 1995, University of Virginia.