Christopher L. McLean*

The past two years have produced a number of pieces of legislation from the Virginia General Assembly that serve to bring the set of Virginia business entity statutes up to date with its peers around the country. Part I highlights changes to the Virginia Stock Corporation Act (“VSCA”) and the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act (“VNSCA”). Part II highlights changes to the Virginia Securities Act (“VSA”) and other statutes affecting Virginia business entities. Part III reviews two significant cases that the Supreme Court of Virginia decided over the past two years with respect to Virginia corporate law. Those decisions provided guidance on the concept of a foreign company “transacting business” in Virginia, the ability of a foreign company to maintain a suit in Virginia without properly obtaining a certificate from the Virginia State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) as a registered foreign company, and the survival of the “futility exception” with respect to derivative suits by members of a limited liability company (“LLC”).

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* Member, Kaufman & Canoles, P.C., McLean, Virginia. J.D., 2010, University of Richmond School of Law; B.A., 2007, University of Virginia.