Thomas DiStanislao & Carter Nichols, Introducing the University of Richmond Law Review Online Edition, 50 U. Rich. L. Rev. Online 1 (2015).

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Introducing the University of Richmond Law Review Online Edition

Thomas DiStanislao *
Carter Nichols **

+++In the spring of 1958, William T. Muse, Dean of the T.C. Williams School of Law, introduced the first volume of the University of Richmond Law Notes by stating that it was “purposefully a modest beginning,” which he hoped would “be of some value to lawyers of Virginia.”[1] As the University of Richmond Law Review celebrates its fiftieth volume, we hope to undertake a similar endeavor by launching our Online Edition.

+++With the introduction of the Online Edition, the University of Richmond Law Review will join in the growing trend of publishing online legal scholarship. Similar to many other aspects of the legal profession, the Internet’s role in legal scholarship has been a revolutionary tool for lawyers and students alike. Access to information has always been imperative to sound legal practice, and with the launch of the Online Edition, we hope to add to the wealth of scholarship that the University of Richmond Law Review has become known for.

+++Although the University of Richmond Law Review has maintained an online presence for many years, the Online Edition represents an unprecedented effort by the Volume 50 Editorial Board to open a new avenue for student, faculty, and practitioner scholarship. In addition to creating the Online Edition, the Law Review website has undergone significant changes that will add to the overall reader experience and user accessibility.

+++Our desire is that the Online Edition will become another permanent institution for the University of Richmond Law Review to help fulfill Dean Muse’s wish for Virginia lawyers, and many more. Our goal is to publish articles of the same quality as would be found in our print publications, but with the speed that only an Internet publication can offer. We are excited for the opportunities ahead and hope that our readers and authors will embrace this new forum.

+++Our first articles highlight the best of what the University of Richmond School of Law has to offer. Jennifer Wuebker’s article detailing the impact of CEO drivers on firm-acquisition strategy won the McNeill Honors Society’s annual writing competition and represents our student scholarship at its finest. Dean Wendy Collins Perdue’s fascinating Book Review of Carel Stolker’s Rethinking the Law School offers an insightful take on the changing landscape of legal education and its implications for her fellow Deans around the country.

+++On behalf of the Volume 50 Editorial Board, we hope you enjoy this new outlet for legal scholarship and invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of the University of Richmond Law Review Online Edition.


*       Editor-in-Chief, Volume 50.

**     Online Edition Editor, Volume 50.

         [1].    William T. Muse, Forward, 1 U. Rich. L. Notes 2, 2 (1959).