The University of Richmond Law Review proudly presents the twenty-ninth issue of the Annual Survey of Virginia Law. The Annual Survey serves as a comprehensive guide to recent legislative, administrative, and judicial developments in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The 2014 Annual Survey includes seven articles, each providing readers with a comprehensive, in-depth update of a specific area of the law. Authors of these updates are practitioners and experts in their respective fields, bringing significant insight to their articles. In addition to updates on the law, each year the Annual Survey publishes essays on important legal topics in Virginia. The 2014 Annual Survey includes two essays written by Virginia judges. This year’s essays address and provide practical advice on the areas of election recounts and appellate advocacy. The Law Review is proud to include two comments written by former members of the Law Review staff.

The Annual Survey attributes its continued success to each of the authors who devoted significant time, dedication and hard work to create high-quality articles that will truly benefit the legal community of Virginia. Each author devoted substantial time and effort to provide readers with thorough, informative, and poignant pieces. I genuinely appreciate the efforts put forth by each of you, and thank you for your commitment to the Annual Survey.

The Annual Survey could not exist without the efforts of the Law Review members. I thank each and every member of the Law Review staff for your diligence and hard work. I especially want to thank Sarah Bennett, Nick Dantonio, and Amy Whitelaw for your unwavering support, dedication and assistance in this process. I am grateful for the extra help I received from each of you. Thank you to the members of the Law Review Executive Board, Rina Van Orden, Leah Stiegler, and Derek Schnitzer, for your diligence and the time you spent working on the Annual Survey. A special thank you to Paul Holdsworth, Sheherezade Malik, and Sarah Padway, not only for your unfaltering dedication and unwavering commitment to the Annual Survey, but also for the hours of companionship and invaluable laughter you provided during this process. It has truly been a pleasure to work with such intelligent and good-humored individuals. I could not have done it without you. Thank you to Chris Bascom, the 2013 Annual Survey Editor, for your mentorship, confidence and support. And my most sincere and genuine appreciation goes to Glenice Coombs, the heart, soul, and guiding hand of the Law Review. Glenice, your guidance and advice is truly invaluable, but more than that, you bring cheer and light to every day and the Law Review truly could not succeed without you. Lastly, I want to thank my family for your patience, love, and motivating words, and Rob Cassidy for your advice, support and encouragement.

It has truly been an honor to serve as the Editor of the 2014 Annual Survey of Virginia Law. Thank you for your continued patronage and readership.

Tara Badway
Annual Survey Editor