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2014 JANUARY BOOK Articles The Purpose of the Fourth Amendment and Crafting Rules to Implement that Purpose Thomas K. Clancy Download PDF High-Frequency Trading: A Regulatory Strategy Charles R. Korsmo Download PDF The Copyright/Patent Boundary Viva R. Moffat Download PDF Synthetic CDOs, Conflicts of Interest, and Securities Fraud Jennifer O’Hare Download PDF Reclaim This! Getting …

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ALLEN CHAIR ISSUE 2014: THE ENERGY-WATER NEXUS Articles Curtailment First: Why Climate Change and the Energy Industry Suggest a New Allocation Paradigm is Needed for Water Utilized in Hydraulic Fracturing Victor Flatt & Heather Payne Hydraulic Fracturing and the Baseline Testing of Groundwater Keith B. Hall Insurance at the Energy-Water Nexus Donald T. Hornstein Reconciling …

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