Executive Board

J. Lincoln WolfeEditor-in-Chief
The Editor-in-Chief is the chief executive officer of the Law Review, maintaining and enforcing the policies of the organization and the content of its publications.

Michelle E. HofferExecutive Editor
The Executive Editor is the chief operating officer of the Law Review, assisting the Editor-in-Chief in managing the administrative aspects of accomplishing the Law Review’s mandate.

Jamie WoodAnnual Survey Editor
The Annual Survey Editor coordinates the solicitation and publication of articles in the Annual Survey Edition.

Diana DominguezSymposium Editor
The Symposium Editor coordinates the solicitation and publication of articles in the Symposium Edition.

Joey GoldmanManaging Editor
The Managing Editor conducts the business operations of the Law Review, organizing all of the Law Review‘s subscriptions and financial responsibilities.

Adam WinstonLead Articles Editor
The Lead Articles Editor solicits and selects articles for the general publications of the Law Review.

Nancy SimpsonSenior Notes & Comments Editor
The Senior Notes & Comments Editor organizes and administers the Law Review Membership Competition, as well as the Second-Year Writing Requirement.

Oli WardOnline Editor
The Online Editor oversees and coordinates every aspect of the online component of the Law Review, including the articles, comments, and blog posts published on the Online Edition.